Rebelski – The Rift Valley (Lee Van Dowski Binary Re-Up Mix)

Lee Van Dowski has extracted the melodic elements from the Rebelski original and created a storming tribal house flavored beauty. Great for lifting the spirit or for twerking.

Dominik Eulberg & Gabriel Ananda – The Space Between Us

Dominik Eulberg has been on an extraordinary roll during the last twelve months. His techno is just getting better and better, demonstrating his finesse and appreciation for melody balanced by layers of rough unusual sounds that give his work unrivaled texture and emotion.

Earlier in the summer he released a fantastic summer techno track, perfect for outdoor festivals and big spaces. Called “Opel Tantra” it builds slowly before unleashing a growling bassline that will have dogs barking and ladies crossing their legs if they’re not dancing already. Unfortunately, there is not an official, full-length version online.

Even better though is his recent collaboration with Gabriel Ananda. A melodic techno anthem of epic proportions, “The Space Between Us” is a masterpiece to be enjoyed throughout the summer and beyond.

Skinnerbox – Purgatory

Here’s a beautiful, hypnotic vocal tech house track from Skinnerbox. Released on BPitch Control in 2011, I only had the recent pleasure of encountering it. The vocal refrain is an unintentional prediction on the Irish economy.

Best Tracks of 2012

2012 was filled with superb tunes, beautiful collaborations, continuing cross-pollination between genres and constant innovation. Here are my 10 best tracks of 2012 to enjoy at the start of this new year:

Alexis Raphael – I Know [Hot Creations]

Azari & III – Into The Night (Nicolas Jaar Remix) [Loose Lips]

Bas Amro – Ten [Freerange Records]

Chopstick & Johnjon – Obviously She Is A Whore [Suol]

Digitaria, Funky Fat – Masochist [Hot Creations]

El_Txef_A – In [Get Physical]

Fran – Arcade Love (Dominik Eulberg Remix) [Stil Vor Talent]

Rone – Parade (Dominik Eulberg Remix) [inFine]

For the last two tracks, in the absence of a Soundcloud stream, have a listen to the videos I posted before:
Super Flu – Super Flu loves Isaac [Monaberry]

Superhero – Drugs and Choices [Noir Music]

Rone-Parade (Dominik Eulberg Remix)

As stated in October, Rone’s lastest album “Tohu Bohu” is excellent. Now at the end of November, we are presented with the first round of remixes of Tohu Bohu tracks.

Top of the class as ever is Dominik Eulberg. A sublime remix of beauty and melancholy, smooth interludes and rough edges, Dominik Eulberg has produced one of the standout tracks of the year, improving on a delightful original. Undoubtedly, Rone “Parade” (Dominik Eulberg Remix) will feature on my top 10 tracks of the year.

Tevez and his Ma

Carlos Tevez in a fetching pose with his Ma. Aesthetically, this appears entirely believable. Of course, “Ma” in this case is “Maradona.”

A terrible coach, but arguably the best football player of all time, Maradona is undoubtedly a colorful character and a true legend. Carlos Tevez, while showing lots of potential, still has lots to prove.

Don’t worry, darling.

Thanks to Randall for this one. An old Schlitz beer advertisement. Humour from a bygone era.

Rone – Parade

Young Parisian DJ and producer Rone has a limited catalogue of releases and mixes to date. However, the quality of his work is simply outstanding. Rone’s techno is sublime, subtle, melodic and slightly melancholic.

His latest track “Parade” is more exultant. It’s the type of track you could listen to a few times in a row and still be thrilled. Aptly named and accompanied by an incredible video embedded below, “Parade” is taken from Rone’s second album. Out on Infiné, Agoria’s Paris-based label, the album ‘Tohu Bohu’ will be released November 5th.

In the meantime, get your hands on Rone’s first album “Spanish Breakfast” from 2009. Delicious!

Super Flu – Super Flu Loves Isaac

A couple of times a year the German duo Super Flu brings out a top tune. This time though, they’ve absolutely killed it with this reconstruction of Isaac Hayes – I Stand Accused. Respectful of the original, while injecting percussion and funkiness, this track is a tech house masterpiece accessible to anyone with an eclectic taste in music. Out on their own label, Monaberry, it will help the autumn sun stretch deep into winter.

US Income Distribution Trends 1970 to 2010

The Pew Research Center just published a fascinating study entitled the “Lost Decade of the Middle Class.”

Of particular interest is that they have quantified how unequal income distribution has become in the US:

In 1970, upper-tier incomes accounted for 29% of US aggregate household income, while middle-tier incomes accounted for 62%. In 2010, upper-tier incomes accounted for 46% of US aggregate household income, surpassing middle-tier incomes at 45% for the first time since 1970.

Only upper-income families have experienced notable gains in wealth from 1983 to 2010; the net worth of lower- and middle-income families is virtually unchanged.

The graph below illustrates this well:

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